Poetry to Honor the Divine Feminine

Honorable Journey

I honor the vulva today,
sitting in the lobby
reading a smutty romance novel
my cousin gave me for Christmas.

All the parts are squeaky clean,
ready for inspection.
Relaxed thighs, draped with sterile cotton,
allow light and cold steel
to pry open the gateway
to insatiable secrets.
a place where my magic,
now deeply hidden,
remembers moontimes,
the lunar sundance,
when sacrificial blood
once stained the parched earth.


universe within a universe

I was...
a sea of blossoming womb
a sea of moontime magic
a sea of mother fluid

I am...
a map of my children evolving
a map of flesh and marrow aging
a map to destinies unchosen

I will become...
a constellation of ancestors reborn
a constellation of a girl and her dog running on the beach
beneath a thousand dying suns

The Mermaid Queen

The sky is my open window.
My bed, granules of
ancient shells and sea urchins.
My sea glass eyes beg the winds to rest
and stop frothing up the volcanic ash
that clouds your face.

   I ache for your watery fingers
   to reach around my seaweed waist
   and pull me to your depths.
   Let your lunar pulse capture
   the curve of my sandy breast and shoulder.

   Once the tide rinses me clean,
   I will taste only the salt of you,
   until every grain sinks
   into your wanting foam.



Descent of Light

I fell through a hole in the night sky,

so, I plugged it up with a thousand galaxies.

The dreamless dark planted its seed deep  

within the universe of my womb.


I held the seed of you as I left

the universe of my own mother’s womb.

And from that, you grew,

took on your own shape

and spoke in an unknown language

Your pure light couldn’t be contained,

escaping through slats of the fragmented sky. 


Young stars fell to the new earth,

carried fresh water through forming canyons.

Tides ebbed beneath the virgin moon

as I danced upon the muddy shell of a rising island.

                                                                                                                                                                                               Ode to the Elk Cave            

you are my untamable Elk-man      

   rutting through the infinite      

tunnel between us       

I am your quivering bow      

My skin shudders to arouse      

          the ocean of your  boundless desire.     

Fiery tides rise and claim      

      the sweet center of wanting flesh.     



Divine Nourishment

bathed in crimson,    

i sit, facing the east

my third eye opens.

silent waves of dawn  

rinse the sinewy chasm

of my beginnings,  

my endings,

and all that has been. 

 soaked in golden smoke,   

ancient hide stretches wet, 

shrinks tight around a hoop of fire.    

the rhythmic pulse

circles our naked alter.      

sacred honey-ripe vulva    

drums you from the Elk-cave.  

serpentine bodies press close.

primal desires ignite smoldering walls.

the canal fills,

and my river becomes  yours. 

I am the soft night 


Blessed into being, 

I push through my mother’s temple 

and shape shift into the soft night, 

an essential star of birth. 


The thunder of my fresh spirit 

pulls the tide back  

To the ocean’s womb. 

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