Deborah's Gallery

It is under construction in here, but eventually I will have more.... so please come back....

 African Dreams
My dream, to visit Mother Africa. This piece is collage and water-based mixed media. I used acrylics, caran d'ache, and water color applied to African handmade paper.My hand-print frames the upper right corner. Sage helped me name this piece. 
19" x 15".

 Lone Lion
This is watercolor, gouache and colored pencil. A small, simple piece, expressing solitary movement. 
8" x 10"

Mistress of the Mountain
Protector of the wild beasts that wander the mountains and woods. Collage, mixed media, acrylics, layers of handmade papers and papyrus. 31" x 25".

close up of
snakeskin detail

Rising Goddess

 Womb Above

Sky Dogs
Sky Dogs, a beautiful mistake. A gift.
The Spaniards brought them to Turtle Island.
The People rescued their tangled manes and lashing tails.
Painted ponies draped in star-woven blankets.
Eagle feathers spun among chestnut strands.

Close up

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Midge said...

Am looking forward to meeting you and your art on the 4th. Midge