A little about me....

I grew up in Ocean Beach, a small beach community in San Diego. I am a graduate of San Diego State University where I studied art, textiles, costume design and history of theater. My career has taken different turns, but I always find myself immersed in words and imagery. 

My poetry has appeared in SageWoman Magazine, The League of Laboring Poets Spring 2008, San Diego Anthology 2010, Rattlesnake Press 2011, Gypsy Daughter Brown Bagazine 2011, and most recently, it is appearing in River of Earth and Sky; Poems for the Twenty-First Century. In June 2010, a collection of ten poems, Road Warriors, was awarded the Best Unpublished Poetry Chapbook 2010, by the San Diego Book Awards Association. When I'm not writing or painting, I work as a Special Education Instructional Assistant with high school students. 

I have always found refuge in blurred nuances of poetry. I express my world and thoughts through the vibrant colors of the goddess. I speak in magenta, turquoise, earth tones. I speak soft, loud. I texture the canvas with shedded snake skin, bark, handcast paper, and primal desires.

I was born in the  year of the tiger, and my astrological sign is cancer, an interesting combination of forces. The search for balance continues for the silent gnashing predator and the timid crab, seeking refuge among the watery edges.