Sunday, March 11

💚 After a lengthy silence...

I have finally found my way back to my space. My mind has been wanting to return to this canvas to spill ideas, stories, art, poetry. Without realizing it, I slipped into a hiatus of sorts. Distracted by health stuff, work stuff, retirement stuff, home repair stuff, road trip stuff, losing an old kitty and adopting new kitten stuff. That's a lot of stuff. The biggest change has been my recent retirement, and I am looking forward to my new creative life! Emerging after a year of absence feels like an awakening, like footsteps crunching across fallen snow and arriving in the light.

Image result for spring winter images

So, while spring creeps in and winter transitions to another hemisphere, it's time for me to renew my pages, and put on a fresh coat of paint. I wish to share new poetry, art, ideas, hopes, and successes. I have so many creative ideas brewing. This blog site will be changing as I evolve as an artist and a poet. I invite you to please follow my new and improved blog, and share your creative journey and ideas, too.   💜💙💚

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