Monday, May 19

Whats new in my back yard...

Karina and Sage relaxing

Me, arranging stuff
My world has been pretty quiet since the Ocean Beach Kite Festival. It was a disappointment as far as sales, but it sure was fun hanging out with my friend Karina, Josh, Sage, and June. Karina brought a bottle of wine which made the afternoon even more enjoyable! I was inspired to finish painting my table, and worked on some new pieces.... so that was the most positive outcome. The weather was fantastic. However the Kites were way down on the other side of the park, which kinda screwed up the flow of traffic I think. Oh well. I haven't done an art fair for years and years. And I don't think I want to another one ever ever again. Maybe I'll open an Etsy shop. It just might be the way to go.

A Fresh Direction...

I discovered the most beautiful pieces of art on Etsy, called Earth Shards. The first time I saw one was in the mixed media magazine, Cloth, Paper, Scissors. These tribal ceramic faces have inspired me to do more. I stepped out of my comfort zone to spiral into a new creative zone. The expressions and colors are compelling, the holes placed for hanging charms, feathers, or whatever,s, are intriguing. The stories embedded in the faces slowly emerge as I paint and play on the canvas.

The Messenger                                       Night Eagle Wisdom
close up of buffalo fur and beads

I love being inspired. I love the idea of using another artist's art to be a part of my own. I love giving a voice to the stories. It is a process, of waking up the creative muse. It's easy for me to feel overwhelmed with life, and the monkey chatter that goes on in my own head. 

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